Dell Inspiron B130: Budget-Friendly, Trustworthy Laptop

Inspiron B130

I usually shun budget-priced computers because it means I’m giving up so many features. Here you will find Best pc for roblox. Yet some of today’s personal computers can be had much cheaper, and they offer so much more bang for the buck.

Take the Dell Inspiron B130 for example; this value priced portable replaces the gap left by the B120 in Dells lineup. With basic performance that fits most people’s basic computing needs the B130 is a solid choice for even the most discriminating laptop user.

Complete with a decent amount of horsepower, this laptop can run modern productivity suites with easy, connect to the internet, both wired and wirelessly, as well as burn CD’s for music. With a small foot note this has the ability to take your world with you where an ordinary laptop cannot.

The build quality of the B130 is bare-bones; you won’t find any glossy paint or carbon fiber accents. What you will find is a decent quality black-and-silver no frills business design, meant for Withstanding daily use for years.

The B130 is quite sturdy, with tough metal screen hinges on both the left and right of the LCD. You will not hear any creeks from strained plastic when you open this lid; instead you are greeted with a nice secure feeling.

The plastic is smudge proof using a textured plastic; this also helps refrain from scratches. Similar to other laptops the B130 uses a latch system at the top of the LCD to open. The keyboard is a full sized 87 standard model like every laptop available. The keys are tactile and with slight adjustment they become very smooth depending on the resistance level.

The B130 weighs an average 6.7lbs (with the provided 4-cell battery), removing the battery decreases some weight issues but the laptop is really easy to carry nevertheless. Of course this laptop doesn’t qualify for the ultra-portable category but you can find more expensive hardware that actually weights more, and at this price point I cannot complain about 6.7 pounds.

Depending on where you purchase this from, the model I received was packaged securely, what do you get in the box? A powerful Pentium M Processor (1.80GHz, 2MB Cache, 400MHz FSB), Windows XP home edition, 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM (2 x 512MB), and a 40GB 5400rpm Hard Drive.

The 14.1-inch WXGA Display (1280 x 800 native resolution) has exceptional quality for the price, I managed to watch the Mummy Returns using the 24X CD-RW/DVD Optical Drive and it looked better then average.

The Pentium M Processor is a excellent choice for image editing or word processing; I noticed no real slowdown in performance while multi-tasking. I did begin to experience lock-ups when I was playing DVDs and surfing the net, apparently this is when the B130 begins to reach its limit.

Battery life of course varies on the activities you are conducting on your laptop; I usually just use word processors and Internet Explorer so I can easily squeeze out 4 hours of life. If you are going to be using the B130 for graphics creation I would recommend upgrading to the 6-cell battery which is better equipped to handle the abuse.

Wireless networking with this laptop is a breeze; I just used the built-in Intel Pro Wireless card and setup my home network within 7 minutes. The connectivity was excellent; I was able to carry this into the kitchen, patio, garage, and my second story home office without noticing a decline in connectivity. Stability was a strong suit of the B130; I noticed no real slowdown between areas.

The fan inside this laptop is dead silent; sometimes I think the thing died in there. The fan keeps the laptop constantly cool during heavy usage so I haven’t needed to purchase a cooling plate. The exhaust vents do a good job of sending hot air out the rear of the laptop; this makes the B130 much more pleasurable to work with for long periods.

So if you are looking to purchase a budget-friendly laptop from a brand you can trust, I recommend the Dell Inspiron B130. With a decent processor, memory, and strong wireless capabilities you would be wrong to surpass this strong performer.

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